Why pay for new equipment when we offer afforable rebuild and overhaul options?
Hansvedt is known in the industry for fast, reliable field service and our reputation for quality in-house repair, machine tool and power supply rebuilding is growing as well. Our in-house staff is fully experienced in all areas of design, construction, repair and rebuilding. We do a substantial number of in-house repairs and save you money in the process. If you work around a little down time, we’ll repair or completely overhaul and rebuild your EDM equipment. Why pay for new when we offer afforable options?

Machine Refurbishment And Rebuilding
Hansvedt EDM has the facilities and experience to rebuild EDM machine tools and power supplies. Rebuilds can include: bearing replacement, ram and table alignment, digital readout upgrades or installation, pump upgrades and rebuilds, servo valve and hydraulics system rebuild, cleaning and degreasing, sandblasting and repainting, reliability upgrades, custom application modifications, custom controls and metering, computer upgrades, booster power supply installation, power supply alignment, OEM control replacement, new power supply retrofit, hose replacement. Hansvedt EDM can also evaluate and repair EDM machine tools and power supplies for consignment resale at our facility.

Terms For Rebuilds
All rebuilds are evaluated and quoted individually to the customers requirements. This can be done at the customers site or the equipment can be sent to Hansvedt EDM for evaluation. Evaluation charges will be waived if quotation is accepted. Upon acceptance of a quotation, a company purchase order and 50% payment is required to begin work. The remaining 50% payment and any additional agreed upon work is due upon delivery or installation of the equipment. The customer pays all transportation charges, rigging and insurance to and from Hansvedt EDM.

Depending upon the complexity of the job, delivery will range between 4 weeks and 6 months. All delivery dates are quoted individually and are dependent upon prior commitments

Courtesy Loaner Service
We maintain several loaner power supplies for you to use while your equipment is being rebuilt or refurbished. This service is provided as a courtesy to rebuild customers to reduce down-time costs. You pay only for the transportation. Call for availability.

Guaranteed Results
We guaranteeour work. You can reliably lengthen the service life of your EDM equipment for a fraction of the cost of new. We warranty all new parts we install for 90 days. Call us and discuss your needs. We offer estimates based on your evaluation.

Rebuild Information

Machine Tool Rebuild Power Supply Rebuild
  • Inspect, clean and disassemble
  • Repair/ replace hydraulic system parts as needed
  • Repair/ replace coolant system parts as needed
  • Repair/ replace electrical parts as needed.
  • Repair/ replace servo systeml parts as needed.
  • Grind the work table
  • Replace lead screws and nuts as needed
  • Upgrade to ball screws.
  • Rebuild head assembly
  • Reassemble, align and test
  • Paint
  • Disassemble and clean
  • Replace transistors or tubes
  • Replace bad parts
  • Inspect
  • Test all systems/ sub-assembies
  • Repair
  • Upgrade where necessary
  • Check air-flow system
  • Reassemble power supply.
  • Tune-up to factory specs
  • Paint unit exterior
Machine Retrofit Options And Upgrades
  • Gap Strap Retro Kit
  • Coolant Pump Relay Upgrade
  • Transformer Relay Upgrade
  • Filters and Gaskets
  • Gap Cables
  • Servo Valves
  • Manuals
  • Transformers
  • Line Conditioners
  • Used Machine Tools
  • Used Power Supplies
  • LCD Video Monitors
  • Replacement Hoses