What brands do you service?
We service all the top quality brands such as Hansvedt, Cincinnati-Milicron, South Bend/ Ingersol, Hurco, Elox and ELTEE Pulsatron .

Do you do only field service?
No. We also have a complete facility that enables us to perform in-house repairs. Some customers prefer to ship their equipment to us for repair at our facility where we have test fixtures, machines, parts inventory and a huge technical library. Our normal in-house repair turnaround time is two weeks. See our service rates page for pricing details.

How fast is your rapid response?
Your equipment is crucial to your business and we understand that. Our experience in the manufacturing of EDM equipment with both Cincinnati Milicron and Hansvedt products taught us time is money and we can save you in cash and reduced down time.

How much does this cost?
Quality service doesn’t cost, it pays! That sounds like a cute phrase but we believe it’s true. That is expressly why rapid service is important. You want to be up and running quickly so you don’t miss that deadline and maybe loose more money on a late delivery. Our rates are competitive in the industry. See our service rates page for pricing details.

How do I Obtain a service quote?
It’s as easy as giving us a call. A conversation about your situation will set the process in motion. Our experience will allow us to prepare a quote.

Can you call me when you’re in my area?
Yes. This is an excellent way to divide up the travel expenses between several businesses, saving you a few bucks. Just send us email or give us a call with the details and the time frame you need to work in.

What other services do you provide?
Our entire staff has been involved in the manufacturing, service, and engineering of EDM equipment for over fifty years. We are equipped to do service and repair, preventative maintenance, reliability upgrades, installations, application specific modifications, machine rebuilds, power supply refurbishment and custom engineering projects.

Do you offer help over the phone?
Yes, and many times we can solve problems or help you out with a simple phone call. See our rates page for costs associated with phone consultation.

Can you supply parts for my EDM machine?
We stock an ample supply of the items needs for our in-house work and on-site repairs. These, of course, are at addition cost and are not included in our service rates. We offer them to you also at competitive pricing to further insure outstanding value with our service. We are not a parts supply house but do offer a number of common items and consumables needed for your business. See our service parts page for pricing details.

Do you offer a warranty?
Arrow EDM Service warrants parts we install and repairs we perform for a period of 90 days. Travel expenses are not covered under warranty.

Are there charges for travel to my site?
Yes, but we continue our efforts to save you money by billing all travel expenses at cost. These expenses can include car rental, meals, lodging, airfare, tolls and parking. If a company car is used, mileage is charged at $.40 a Mile.

What are your billing policies?
Payment is due upon completion of the service call. Net 10 days billing can be arranged, in advance, to customers of known good credit. 2% per month will be added to account over 30 days. VISA and MasterCard accepted.